Sunday, October 28, 2012

healthy salad

Even though I'm into my 4th day of maintenance, I am moving slowly into introducing starches and sugars into my diet.  As a matter-of -fact, I haven't had any sugar.  I had some honey, about 1/4 teaspoon in a cup of tea this morning.  Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is I believe the process for me will be a slow and gradual one.  So this afternoon I made a simple salad for lunch.  Romaine lettuce, apples, hard boiled egg, cooked chicken, a few scallions, cucumber, bell pepper, a "touch of Napa cabbage, some home grown mung bean sprouts, lentil sprouts, and a mixture of "leafy green" sprouts, a handful of pan roasted almonds, and some of my creamy basil dressing.  Having some of the grissini  bread sticks left over from Phase II, I had one of them as well.  For a moment it took me back to the Phase II days, only for a moment, just until the creamy basil dressing hit my taste buds!!! Then I knew those days were looong gone.  I just wanted to share that some of the habits that we developed in Phase II can indeed be lifelong habits to embrace; eating raw meals at least once a day is a very healthy lifestyle, drinking water throughout the day is healthy, and being conscientious about what we are eating can be beneficial for our health as well.  I rarely drink anything other than water anymore, I find that the idea of soda, ice tea, coffee, fruit juice; unless I juice it myself, doesn't appeal to me, so I just reach for a bottle of water.  Yes, I do treat myself to bottled spring water, it tastes better to me and that way I can monitor my intake to ensure I drink enough.   The three weeks of Phase III go by faster than you think they will, so hang in there.  My goal is to be able to post three weeks of recipes for you to have, if you are feeling the way I was, then you may find comfort to know that there will be somewhere for you to get ideas about what to eat!  Good Luck on your weight loss journey and have fun and most of all Eat Well!!!!   : )  -MK

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