Friday, October 19, 2012

Here's to Phase III

Hi Everyone~

Friends and family have encouraged me to begin a blog to list Phase III recipes for the HCG diet.  These recipes will specifically be starch and sweetener free.  I have borrowed recipes from family, friends, and sites on the internet and “tweaked” them to suit my taste and dietary requirements, please feel free to do the same.  I feel that recipes that are printed or posted are not “owned” by anyone so therefore I am not offended by any changes anyone makes to the recipe (if someone else is, I’m sorry…okay, not really) I am actually looking forward to hearing what you do to make the recipe your own, so please leave a comment to share with anyone who may be reading the blog.  I have a lot of people in my life that think that when you cook you can make changes in a recipe and it's very forgiving; but that in baking it isn't; I strongly disagree!   For instance the big deal often brought up is baking powder vs baking soda........the difference is sodium bicarbonate, you can Google to learn more about the effects about it, but really the old adage about putting LOVE into baking your food is the ingredient that no one can change, it's what gives your homemade food its extra touch.  I will be moving into a phase of learning to bake using ancient grains other than specifically wheat; such as Kamut, Farro, and Amaranth to name a few (see my other blog for some recipes you may be interested in following your completion of Phase III.  I hope you have fun on your adventure in Phase III and I hope you find encouragement through my recipes as well as blogs like: like I did, the blog and the bloggers there saved my life (well at least helped me to figure out my eating dilemma) and to have success on Phase III.

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